Teacher Space Integrates Your Point-of-View.

Designed to recreate best classroom practices for online experience, FYI Online’s curriculum constantly asks students to think about, reflect, consider, and explore.  FYI Online’s proprietary feature, Teacher Space®, keeps the community engaged on the page.  Page-level interaction enhances student learning and increases student-to-teacher instruction.

Teacher Space® allows teachers the flexibility of enhancing curriculum by adding video links, instructional text, supplemental content and practice activities.  This inclusion of interactive blogging at the page, lesson and course levels allows for sharing ideas, points of view and new knowledge.  This capability facilitates the building and development of community interaction among today’s web-savvy students.

Lesson and course-level wikis incorporated through Teacher Space® encourage collaboration, knowledge sharing, and knowledge creation while allowing students to actively participate in the construction of new and unique information.


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